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ACM SIGAI scholar Essay Contest in the accountable utilization of AI Technologies

ACM SIGAI scholar Essay Contest in the accountable utilization of AI Technologies

The ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (ACM SIGAI) supports the growth and responsible application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. an increasing quantity of ai technologies now affect our everyday lives (or soon will), from smart assistants to self driving automobiles. Because of this, AI technologies in many cases are in the news headlines and a number of businesses (such as the U.S. government) are attempting to ensure that AI technologies are now being utilized for the obtain the most of culture. As with every possibly transformative technologies (including the car and also the transistor), there was some doubt about just how the long term will appear like and exactly how it must best be shaped to harness the effectiveness of AI technologies while avoiding any disadvantages or misuses. Googling “Artificial Intelligence,” for example, reveals lots of interesting recent headlines and viewpoints about AI technologies. Check out of these:

  • Facebook touts AI advantages as work dangers loom
  • The professionals and cons of using a robot as a good investment adviser
  • Robots can destroy and deliver alcohol. Do we require people?
  • As Artificial Intelligence evolves, therefore does its unlawful potential
  • When your driverless automobile hit a pedestrian to truly save your lifetime?

ACM SIGAI is with in a position that is unique contour the discussion around these and associated problems. ACM SIGAI is enthusiastic about obtaining input from pupils global to simply help contour this debate. We consequently ask all pupil people to enter an essay within the ACM SIGAI scholar Essay Contest, become posted within the ACM SIGAI newsletter “AI Matters,” answering the next concerns while providing evidence that is supporting

Exactly exactly What do you really see while the 1-2 most pressing ethical, social or regulatory problems with respect to technologies that are AI? just What position or actions can governments, companies or companies (including ACM SIGAI) take to handle these problems or contour the talks to them?

All sources should be cited but we have been maybe not thinking about summaries associated with the opinions of other people. Instead, we’re thinking about the informed viewpoints associated with the writers. Composing an essay on some background is required by this topic knowledge. Feasible beginning points for acquiring background that is such are:


ACM brings together computing educators, scientists, and experts to encourage discussion, share resources, and address the field’s challenges. Because the world’s biggest society that is computing ACM strengthens the profession’s collective sound through strong leadership, advertising associated with greatest requirements, and recognition of technical excellence. ACM’s reach stretches to every area of the world, with increased than 50 % of its 100,000 members living beyond your U.S. Its growing account has led to Councils in European countries, Asia, and China, fostering networking opportunities that strengthen ties within and across countries and technical communities. Their actions enhance ACM’s capability to raise knowing of computing’s important technical, academic, and social problems around the planet.

ACM SIGAI includes educational and researchers that are industrial professionals, computer pc software designers, customers, and pupils who are enthusiastic about AI. It encourages and supports the development and application of AI principles and strategies throughout computing, sponsors or co-sponsors AI-related conferences, organizes the profession system and Conference for early-stage AI researchers, sponsors respected AI awards, supports AI journals, provides scholarships to its pupil people to go to seminars, and promotes AI training and magazines through different discussion boards plus the ACM library that is digital.

Structure and Eligibility

Judges and criteria that are judging

Entries are going to be judged by a panel of leading researchers that are AI ACM SIGAI officers. Winning essays should argue, convincingly, why the proposed issues are pressing (that is, of present concern), why the problems concern AI technology, and just what place or actions governments, companies or companies (including ACM SIGAI) usually takes to handle the difficulties or contour the conversation to them. Winning essays will soon be selected centered on level of insight, imagination, technical merit and novelty of argument. All decisions by the judges are final.


All winning essays will be published into the ACM SIGAI newsletter “AI Matters.” ACM SIGAI provides five monetary honors of USD 500 each in addition to 45-minute skype sessions using the after researchers that are AI

  • Murray Campbell (Senior Manager, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center)
  • Eric Horvitz (Handling Director, Microsoft Analysis)
  • Peter Norvig (Director of Analysis, Bing)
  • Stuart Russell (Professor, University of Ca at Berkeley)
  • Michael Wooldridge (mind of this Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford)

One prize is provided per winning essay. Writers or groups of writers of winning essays will select (in a preselected order that is random an available skype session or one of many financial prizes until all skype sessions and monetary honors have now been advertised. ACM SIGAI reserves the proper to substitute a skype session having A ai that is different or perhaps a financial honor for a skype session just in case an AI researcher becomes unexpectedly unavailable. Some awards may possibly not be granted just in case the true wide range of top-notch submissions is smaller compared to the amount of rewards.

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