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CASE STUDY: Best Forex Signals 2019

alright welcome back guys and happy New Year to you again so we started off with the smash-and-grab smash-and-grab is a proven template that will help you to triple your account within 30 days okay some of you guys say wild trip on my account well yeah triple your account and what we established to do is we said we would bring you a case study actually showing you how this is actually done okay so we started off with a fund in our account so the account is with recommended broker I see market so the link is below if you want low spreads you want a true ecn account that’s who we recommend you should go with and if you’re in the US or somewhere else we have another recommendation but let’s put aside the recommendations it’s not what we’re here for we’re to look at the 500 dollars that we funded this account with on the 7th of January okay this is the atom at FX pro template that I use to confirm my trades and here you can see this is a live account okay because it’s coming up to market close quite soon so this is actually one of the trades that we took today in our pip room or a signal group and we caught this trade more or less from the top think it ended 90 pips and it may actually drop some more right so we’re looking at these trades here so I started off on the 7th ok and you know we had some wins we also had some losses and what we did found what what I did find actually is that managing different telegram groups guys helping traders to be better traders to make more profit to make better decisions managing my own accounts doing a case study you know having a family and doing all this and updating updating and editing videos to YouTube every single day I don’t think so so I’m gonna make a commitment you guys write that we’re gonna do a weekly update if you want to see more proof if you want to see us do 723 pips as we did last week close to probably 600 odd maybe 700 odd again this week inside the pip which is our premium VIP signal group then contact me message me below we can get you situated and get you getting the sort of results that you’re gonna see in a minute so we started this with $500 as you can see life took over and life took over for a while I wasn’t able to trade as much as I wanted to and there were some amazing trades last week but here here we go so we started on the fourth and as last week nothing’s changed I haven’t I haven’t stopped helping people but mentally I was more committed to it okay that’s all you got to do is make a mental commitment to it whenever you can trade be around and make a commitment right we help you with that with inside the pit room so here you go start it off a few trades you know obviously some small trades pay attention to the lot size as well that I’m using guys okay I’m not using crazy lot sizes so I’ve got a $500 count and in terms of risk management I’m going to use certain lot sizes so here we go so we get ya lovely take profit there you do not get any extra points for it in take profit guys okay take profit means when you’re in profit take your profit if you’re happy move on to your next trade no extra points for taking profit all right so you might not see many of those but here we go a couple of trades here oh yeah so we had one loss that was one loss here but the rest of the trades as I scroll through you can slow motion if you want this is a live account oh we had another take profit here but as you can see we had one loss now I’m not saying that the group didn’t have one loss and I’m not saying that I got lucky and I chose trades which were winners no there’s no way of you seeing which trades are gonna win or not I’m picking and choosing what I’m saying is that having run the account that as you can see here having run the account that the counts made seven hundred twenty three twenty nine starting with five hundred dollars of a deposit which was made on the seventh and you’ve got profit two hundred and twenty three dollars right fantastic would you be happy with that if you’d be happy with that and you want to wait till next week when we actually compound this to another number and I’m probably thinking that will get close to triple in this account next week in two weeks the plan is to do it in in four weeks but who knows and like I said life could take over so you may start like I did and in your first week you may not be able to trade as you wanted to because you had other things to to handle that’s okay doesn’t mean that they you know it continues it doesn’t mean that you have to triple it within 30 days it doesn’t matter if you did it in 20 days so long as you tripled your account so long as you made double your investment so what if you don’t triple it the plan is there but what if you fall short by a couple of dollars so what I’m trying to say you want to get on board this guy’s if you’re serious about improving your trading guys you want to get around people who are making quality decisions and helping others to improve their trading then you want to go to the link below you want to look through the page have a look at what’s what’s included you know and what we actually do for trade is we’re more than just a signal group okay a signal service providing signals and many a members would attest to that as well but have a look at what I discovered using the template which is going to be some tips to you and if you want to reach out to me and ask me any questions please do but right now we’re going to zoom over to the template so we’re looking at the template now and you can see that step one of the plan is to get the right broker I mean if you click on the link you’ll be able to get all of this information and get you situated within the pit room but you know you want to get quality pips you know we provide quality pips for you you want to download the template and also it gives you a guide of like risk management what size lot sizes you should be doing and if you speak to any of us we can guide you on that depending on your account balance okay because if you have you know an account balance of more than 20k then you might want to speak to us about how this plan can be personalized for you as well too okay and yeah just some of the best practices as well so that’s that’s available for you okay and here we have the template which is a spreadsheet and you can tweak the amount here well like I said I started with five hundred dollars and I’m aiming for about 40 pips if I do more so I know I need to use a lot size of 0.05 just ignore these other columns for now these are the columns but 0.05 is a is perfect and what you’ll find is that once you get day 2 you can actually just continue you know it’s a guide you’re using 0.05 0.05 you may actually make more so it means that you can immediately go to day day 4 on the chart ok once you get to day 4 on the chart you want to increase your lot size so this is compounding guys you know this is not just using 0.05 all the way through that’s not going to get you there using consistent lot sizes and is going to secure your profits and ensure you that you have consistency going forward but what’s gonna do it is how this plan actually compounds and lets you know what your daily profit target is and when you should stop trading so on day one $20 that’s it you can stop all right but if you hit 40 that’s great but realize that 20 minimum is what you want to move to the next step now us now we’re at you know we’re in week 1 which is really 5 days trading isn’t it Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday we should be at 6:08 but we’re actually at 7:23 so the day is not closed yet because we still have a couple of trades running but what you’ll find is that we’ll probably start around here even if even if we started here with the closed trades right we could immediately start using a lot sizes of 0.07 now if you want to open multiple positions I perhaps suggest that if you don’t have experience that you want to maybe split that 0.07 into maybe 0.03 0.04 and kind of like do it that way ok but we give you all that guidance within the pit room ok and here you go you don’t need guidance you just need to follow the plan guys and what you’ll find is by day 30 your you’ve tripled your account okay now okay I don’t have $500 I only have 400 change the amount 4% daily growth again what happens after 30 days brown okay this isn’t ready to showcase this this is really just to let you know that I found again that you don’t have to stick to that whatever profit target your app use a lot sizes once you get that if you if you don’t if you get to say the six day and you’re are not profitable on that day for whatever reason and you just go back a step start again don’t worry about oh it’s day seven I should be here oh my god this isn’t working no no no this is not emotional there’s no there’s no smiley face on this this is just facts stick to the facts guys and get to your profit target emotion Leslie which is tripling your account and I’ll never let no one tell you that you can’t do it because we’re gonna continue to show you how it’s done and show you proof within our group of people even if they don’t triple their account who cares you know if they if they get here that’s better off than where they were where they would have started and I’m sure you would agree so get with us guys we’re serious about making traders profitable we’ve been doing it last year we’re gonna continue to do it this year and this is just the beginning of many things that we have planned for you in our you know in our sessions whether you’re in our free signal group get in one daily signal which we have that’s fine or whether you realize the potential in you join our paid members group that’s absolutely fine or if you just want to share your trade ideas in another group of traders that’s absolutely fine but get around us we’d love to have you around as we love to help you we love you to also share your experience and we’re going to bring you more weekly updates and if you want more check check us out contact us right down below there’s a link to myself and until next time you trade well [Music]

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